Our Itinery

Our itinerary is currently under development as we are not sure where we are going yet!!

Completed to date:

12th Flight Gatwick to Bangkok.
13th  Bangkok - arrived late afternoon walked around china town
14th  Bangkok - Dim Sum, Democracy square, 2 Wats
15th  Bangkok
16th  Bangkok
17th - Kanchaburi - Bridge over river Kwai, WWII Cemetary, Tiger monestry, Waterfalls.... & train to Attuthya
18th Attuthya - the old capital city - Sleeper train to Chaing Mai
19th Chaing Mai - Sunday Walking market
20th Chaing Mai - Treking
21st Chaing Mai - Cookery school
22nd Flight to Mae Hong Son
23rd Mae Hong Son - Hill tribe visits
24th Mae Hong Son to Sappong - Hill tribe Visits
25th Sappong to Pai
26th Pai
27th Pai

& when we think we will be moving on

29th September Laos

9th October Vientiane to Hanoi
10th October Hanoi
11th October Halong Bay
12th October Halong Bay
13th October Hanoi to Hue
14th October Hue to Hoi An
15th October Hoi An

25th October - Chau Doc to Phnom Penh  - Cambodia
26th October  - Phnom Penh
27th October - Killing Fields Phnon Penh
28th October - Russian Markets Phnon Penh
29th October - Kratie
9th November - Darwin
19th November - Cairns
23rd November - Brisbane
1st Dec - Adelaide
8th Dec - Perth
21st December - Melbourne
31st December Sydney
8th january - New Zealand
8th March - Tahiti
16th March - Easter Island
19th March - Chile

...................................... TBC

Who knows!!