Tuesday, 31 August 2010

12 days to go !!

Dear all

Fab to see we have had a few visits, but no comments as yet!!

Don't be shy!

Dean in his infinate wisdom thought that a blog was the same as a drunken text hence the imaginitive posting (Bless!). I will show him the way and he will be Pulitser standard by the time we return!

I am going to add a little map today which will show our plans to date, but who knows they can always change!!

Catch ya soon

Thanks for looking (why not leave us a message!)


Sara xx

Friday, 27 August 2010

Barmy Army

We're all Andrew Strauss' Barmy Army!

Here we go

Well it looks like we are up and running at last!

It seems quite surreal that I get all this started on my (21 again) birthday or 42 for all those of you that are rubbish at maths. 'Why is that' you may ask? Well Dean has been nagging me for a number of years to take some time out from work and see the world and I have always resisted (I don't know why!) . This year all that changed when two people that had touched my life died very suddenly & it got me thinking that you should never put these things off..... So now I am having the GAP year I have had the first time around ..........

 So with only 16 days until we start our adventure. I am now officially getting excited as the house is now 'finished' and we have moved back in, albeit not yet fully unpacked/repacked. But who cares in just over two weeks I won't be able to do anything about it as I will be on a plane out of here. which sort of grates with my normal control freak attitude, but hey ho ones gotta change ones view of life when all your possessions for the year are held in a 20kg pack on your back!

Next job is to set our contact details up and set up a map with our timetable.

Off for my lunch

Catch ya later